Dear friend,

As you may know, Lubbock is in the midst of a critical, critical vote that will impact the future safety of our city and our families.

On the May 4th ballot, “Proposition A” is a measure attempting to decriminalize illegal marijuana possession allowing drug users and dealers to possess up to ¼ pound (4 oz) of marijuana without any ramifications (no citations or arrests by Lubbock Police Officers).

Four ounces of marijuana doesn’t sound like a lot, but it can actually fill a gallon size bag and make between 225-300 joints. This isn’t a personal amount. This is a dealer amount.

Proposition A would:

  • Prohibit Lubbock Police from making any arrest or issuing any citation for marijuana possession for 4 oz or less
  • DEFUND Police budgets for any THC testing of suspects
  • Require an LPD officer with probable cause to release any detained person if possession of marijuana is the sole charge.
  • Block LPD from considering odor of marijuana as probable cause for a search or seizure.
  • Discipline LPD officers who violate the Prop A Ordinance as they attempt to enforce state laws.

This is just the beginning...

This is just the beginning of a nationwide agenda to legalize drugs such as marijuana, defund the police in our communities, and flip conservative states to progressive ideology.

But looking at states like California, Oregon, and Colorado, who have gone down the decriminalization and legalization route, has revealed devastating consequences that are destroying countless families and lives.

In Oregon, public safety and homelessness has gotten so bad that on April 1st, they repealed their drug decriminalization experiment stating,

“Turns out that when you send a societal message that drug use is fine, YOU GET MORE OF IT, along with the social ills that follow.” ~ Wall Street Journal

I encourage you to view some incredible stories and stats regarding this topic with the videos at the bottom of this page.

I ask that you consider joining me and other parents and grandparents in voting AGAINST Proposition A.

YOUR VOTE MATTERS NOW MORE THAN EVER – Early voting has already started.

Thank you,
Rick Canup

Election Day May 4, 2024

Early voting APRIL 22 - 30, 2024


Election Day May 4, 2024

Early voting APRIL 22 - 30, 2024